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Ramilia Оффлайн Nurutdinova Ramilia [Ramilia]

Специалист техподдержки на английском языке

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Customer Support

Century Game - a social gaming company that put fun first for players worldwide. We’re based in China and we’re looking for a customer support agent to join us!

Handling incoming emails

Must be fluent in conversational English
Must have a good command of both written and spoken English
Ability to deliver excellent customer service quality
Able to understand games from a gamer’s perspective and give in-depth gaming and mobile device troubleshooting support
Ability to analyze information and solve issues accurately with appropriate speed and within given guidelines
Able to work shifts on weekends
A team player
Those with strong interest in games are preferred

Holidays will have to follow the company’s holidays
Опубликован 14.05.2019 в 13:40 по мск
Электронная почта: maria.sviridova@centurygame.com
Прошло времени с момента публикации: более 10 месяцев
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